Year Artist Title Label
2019 Avril Lavigne Head Above Water (#1 World Wide) BMG
2019 Polina Grace Pure Fire* Warner Music
2018 Avril Lavigne Tell Me It's Over* BMG
2018 Ryewook Drunk On Love* SM Entertainment
2018 Roy Wang The Wrong Things* (#1 in China) TF Entertainment
2018 Mr. Probz Space For Two* Ultra Music/Sony Music
2017 Chris Lee Boss* (1m+ downloads in 48 hours) EE Media/Yellow Stone
2017 Wanting Qu Love, Loss, Latitude HK/Nettwerk
2017 Mic Lowry Don't Tempt Me* Island Records
2017 RiRi Nothing To Do Sony Music Japan
2017 Wanting Qu Kissing Paradise HK/Nettwerk
2017 Benny Bennassi x Lush & Simon ft. Frederick We Light Forever Up* Ultra Music
2017 Wanting Qu Moon and Back (Jordan XL Remix)* Universal Music HK/Nettwerk Music
2016 Dirty Heads That's All I Need (#1 Alt Single iTunes)* Five Seven Music
2016 Dirty Heads Dirty Heads (#1 Alt Album iTunes) Five Seven Music
2016 Wanting Qu Wanting Qu Universal Music HK/Nettwerk Music
2016 Ash Koley Elements Nettwerk/Sony Music
2016 RiRi Gold Sony Music Japan
2016 Alain Clark Summer Feeling Concord Music Group
2015 Ryan Cabrera House on Fire (#1 Billboard Dance) Dynamite/Capitol Music Group
2015 The Collective Burn The Bright Lights Sony Music
2015 David Bisbal Diez Mil Maneras (#1 iTunes)* Universal Music Group
2015 David Bisbal Tu y Yo Universal Music Group
2014 Luis Fonsi Somos Uno Universal Music Group
2014 David Bisbal Caliente!Festival & Futbol 2014 Universal Music Group
2014 David Bisbal Caribe 2014.Disco Estrella #17 Universal Music Group
2014 Luis Fonsi Muve Sessions: 8 Universal Music Group
2014 Bustamante Feliz (#1 iTunes)* Universal Music Group
2014 Ash Koley Criminal* Netwerk Music
2014 Deborah Cox Love You Now* Sony Music
2014 Los 5 Hola Hello Capitol Music Group
2014 Ryan Cabrera Everest* Dynamite/Capitol Music Group
2014 Ryan Cabrera House On Fire* Dynamite/Capitol Music Group
2014 Ryan Cabrera Sing Along Dynamite/Capitol Music Group
2014 Ryan Cabrera Sin To Get Saved Dynamite/Capitol Music Group
2014 Ryan Cabrera Wake Up Beautiful Dynamite/Capitol Music Group
2014 Ryan Cabrera All We Have Dynamite/Capitol Music Group
2014 Ryan Cabrera It'll Come Your Way Dynamite/Capitol Music Group
2013 Mariah Carey Almost Home * Islad Def Jam
2013 98 Degrees Impossible Things * E-One
2013 Cody Karey Couldn't Ask For More * Verve/UMG
2013 Eli "Paperboy" Reed Always Me WMG
2013 Gianna Nanini La Fine Del Monde * Sony Italy
2013 Smokey Jones Bumps and Bruises * Island Def Jam
2013 John Legend and Noel Scharjis Why Not Tonight? Sony Mexico
2013 Noel Scharjis Verte Nacer * Sony Mexico
2013 Noel Scharjis Dejalo Caer Sony Mexico
2013 Noel Scharjis Again Sony Mexico
2013 Noel Scharjis Unpredictable Sony Mexico
2013 Peta Jeffress Wait Island Def Jam
2013 Jonas and the Massive Attraction Tidal Wave Big Slice Records
2013 Daniele Negroni Why Do I Do? * DDI
2013 Jasmine Ash Someday's Gonna Come MTV: Washington Heights
2013 Drew Seeley Here and Now Disney
2012 Miho Fukuhara Gotta Get Up * Sony Japan
2012 Miho Fukuhara Bad Thing Sony Japan
2012 Miho Fukuhara Don't Take It Away Sony Japan
2012 Majors and Minors (TV) One World * RCA
2012 Majors and Minors (TV) Spin Around The Sun RCA
2012 Faber Drive Dead On The Dance Floor 604/UMG
2012 M.T.L You Can't Fuck With My Sunshine * UMG
2012 M.T.L Red Cups * UMG
2012 M.T.L I Love You Maryjane UMG
2012 M.T.L Raise A Finger * UMG
2012 M.T.L The Drunk Song UMG
2012 M.T.L What You Do To Me UMG
2012 Shane Harper Hideaway AMG
2012 Audrianna Cole You're So Dumb American Girl
2012 Tim Myers (What A Wonder) Life In Color American Girl
2011 Glen Campbell A Thousand Lifetimes Surfdog/EMI
2011 Beau Black Sing Along Mercedes Benz
2011 Beau Black The Way I Rock Modern Family
2011 Beau Black The Way I Rock AT&T
2011 Beverly Hills Chihuahua Gorgeous Disney
2011 Diana Salvatore Dollar In My Jukeboxxx Chevrolet
2011 Sara Haze Melt Into You Disney
2011 Jonas and the Massive Attraction Burn Bright UMG
2011 Ocean is Theory Underneath Razor and Tie
2011 Drew Seeley Into The Fire Drewzilla
2011 Drew Seeley Let It Go Drew Seeley
2011 Drew Seeley How A Heart Breaks Drewzilla
2011 Drew Seeley Why Can't You Say That You're Mine Drewzilla
2011 Abused Romance Vaporize * UMG
2010 Hannah Montana OST 3 Disney/Hannah Montana
2010 Mitchel Musso ft. Metro Station Mitchel Musso Disney
2010 RyanDan Is Love Enough To Save The World UMG
2010 RyanDan Alive UMG
2010 RyanDan Broken Lullaby UMG
2010 Saveria Do Whatch Gotta Do Family Channel/UMG
2010 Lindsey Ray Goodbye From California Style Network
2010 Lindsey Ray Sun Original Signal/SONY
2010 Lindsey Ray The Monkey and The Tree Original Signal/SONY
2010 Dwight Howard Shoot For The Stars Razor and Tie
2009 Mitchel Musso Let's Make This Last Forever Disney/Hannah Montana
2009 Bret Ryan If It Feels Right * UMG
2009 Bret Ryan Turn On The Stars UMG
2009 Bret Ryan All or Nothing UMG
2009 Bret Ryan Angels and Devils UMG
2009 Bret Ryan Crawling Inside Myself UMG
2009 Bret Ryan Don't UMG
2009 Bret Ryan Future Psycho Ex-Girlfriend UMG
2009 Bret Ryan Girl Next To The Girl Next Door UMG
2009 Ali Slaight Apple of My Eye Slaight Music
2009 Ali Slaight Family of Friends Slaight Music
2009 Ali Slaight Tracing The Stars Slaight Music
2009 Deanna Dellacioppa Gorgeous Disney
2009 Deanna Dellacioppa I'm Feeling Good America's Funniest H.V.
2008 DO When Everything Falls Apart BMG Netherlands
2007 Andrea Lewis Out Of My Mind UMG
2007 Andrea Lewis I'm Like UMG
2007 Andrea Lewis The Rush UMG
2007 Andrea Lewis Daydreaming UMG
2007 Andrea Lewis Let's Float Away UMG
2007 Andrea Lewis Forever Ever UMG
2007 Andrea Lewis I Think I thought UMG
2007 Andrea Lewis It's Alright To Cry UMG
2007 Stradio All That I Am UMG Germany
2007 Stradio If Not For Now UMG Germany
2006 Emma Bunton I'm Not Crying Over Yesterdays UMG UK
2005 Tyler James Why Do I Do? * Island Records UK
2005 Elodie Frege De L'eau UMG France
2004 Joss Stone Don't Know How S-Curve/EMI
2004 Alex Parks Stones and Feathers Polydor
2004 Saya Chang Good Girls Bad Girls SonyBMG Taiwan
2004 Savvy Put Yer Hands Up RTF Production
2004 Savvy Beautiful Day RTF Production
2004 Savvy Fly RTF Production
2004 Savvy Jump On It RTF Production
2004 Savvy Fiesta Forever RTF Production
2004 Savvy The Power of One RTF Production
2004 Savvy Get Over It RTF Production
2004 Savvy Anytime, Anyplace, Aywhere RTF Production
2004 Savvy Lookout Weekend RTF Production
2002 Velvet Empire Are You Ready? UMG/Interscope
2002 Velvet Empire I UMG/Interscope
2002 Velvet Empire Wha Wha Wha UMG/Interscope
2002 Velvet Empire Mad For You UMG/Interscope
2002 Velvet Empire About Last Night UMG/Interscope
2002 Velvet Empire 2 a.m. UMG/Interscope
2002 Ryan Malcolm Falling BMG Canada
2001 Wave Until The Record Breaks Warner Music Canada
2001 Wave Read My Mind Warner Music Canada
2001 Sugar Jones It's Like Ice Cream UMG
2001 Sugar Jones I Got U UMG
2000 Snow Plumb Song * EMI/Virgin
2000 Snow Scrub Off EMI/Virgin
2000 Snow Anti-Love Song EMI/Virgin
2000 McCauley By The Way * EMI/Virgin
2000 McCauley I Can Love You Best EMI/Virgin
2000 McCauley My Heaven * EMI/Virgin
2000 McCauley Spend The Night EMI/Virgin
1999 Jodie Resther Come A Little Closer DKD/EMI
1999 Jodie Resther Give It Up DKD/EMI
1999 Jodie Resther Stay DKD/EMI
1999 Jodie Resther Say That You Love Me DKD/EMI
1999 Jodie Resther You Got That Something DKD/EMI
1999 Jodie Resther I Will DKD/EMI
1999 3Deep Into You * EMI
1999 3Deep Never Gonna Give You Up EMI
1999 3Deep I Can Only Think of You EMI
1999 3Deep Love Charade EMI
1999 3Deep Only You EMI
1999 3Deep Rain EMI